We educate people, we transform the world
Our horizon

The Company of Mary Our Lady puts at the service of society and the Church an educational legacy of more than four hundred years of history. The Christian vision of the person, of life and of the world, the humanistic influence of Michel de Montaigne and the desire to collaborate in the construction of a more just and inclusive society, which makes the Kingdom of God visible, defining the horizon of our educational action.

Religious and laity, in complementarity and co-responsibility, in dialogue with reality and consistent with the values and principles in which we want to educate, we update and renew our educational work to respond to the needs of each time and each place, in this changing world, which gives our project an open and dynamic character.

Education in schools
Personalization and Collaboration

In the Company of Mary Our Lady educational centers, personalization and collaboration, personal creativity and the creation of community ties are articulated, making it possible to carry out shared commitments. TConsidering the horizon that shapes our identity, the educational proposal for schools and colleges emphasizes:

A humanistic and Christian education that places peopleat the center and enables them to be citizens of this global world, for collective and transformative action.

An education that makes the school an open learning opportunity , that educates in life and for life and is transformed into service.

Educatorsas companions and witnesses of the values and principles in which they want to educate, committed to quality and continuous improvement.

An educational community, involved in a common project, in which receptiveness, dialogue, teamwork and co-responsibility are fundamental components.

The International Network
Company of Mary Educational Centers

Promotes interchange, interaction and an experience of interculturality that makes it possible to understand the global dimension of the world, and educate to face the challenges it presents.

A way of educating particular to its identity, with a universal vision:

Social education
Dignity and development

The Company of Mary Our Lady generates educational processes in contexts of social inclusion to strengthen the dignity of the person, the development of their abilities and influence reality, transforming it.

Our evangelizing proposal in the field of Social Education promotes the care of life in all its dimensions, the defense of human rights and intercultural and interreligious dialogue. The objective is the search for a more just, inclusive, participatory and equal opportunity society, as a reflection of the presence of the Kingdom of God in the world.

We work as a network and collaborate with other groups and institutions which have the same objectives. Working with women is one of our priorities. We believe in their possibilities of empowerment and in their ability to generate processes of change and social transformation.

We accompany young people in their process of making life choices

Our belief in young people leads us to be present in schools and University Residence Halls, to journey with them in other ways, to propose social commitment projects and to offer them meaningful proposals.