We believe in Justice
made brotherhood

Because we understand solidarity as an expression of justice that guarantees the life and full development of every human being, we are committed to strengthening the most vulnerable people and groups to collaborate in the creation of a more just, participatory and peace-promoting society and freedom.

Through our foundations, the Company of Mary International Solidarity Foundation (FISC) and the Organization for Development with New Solidarities (ODNs), we work in education and development cooperation, in defense of justice, human rights and gender equity, social and environmental responsibility.

The education of the Global Cosmopolitan Identity, anchored in the values that are at the base of the Company of Mary Educational Project, is carried out through the interaction of four keys that open the door to inclusive coexistence, to authentic solidarity, to the ideals dreamed by everyone and to a collective identity as citizens of the earth-country that, respecting the diversity of cultures, ideologies and identities, fill our lives with meaning.

spirituality, the inner look

The Centres and Houses of Spirituality of the Company of Mary offer you a space and a time to live the experience of that God who inhabits us and surprises us with a love that is always renewed.