More Information We evangelize by educating The Company of Mary Our Lady, faithful to its origins, places the educational heritage acquired throughout its more than 400 years of existence at the service of the Society and the Church. More about us


We educate people, we transform the world

The Company of Mary puts at the service of society and the Church an educational heritage of more than four hundred years of history. The Christian vision of the person, of life and of the world, the humanistic influence of Michel de Montaigne and the desire to collaborate in the construction of a more just and inclusive society, which makes the Kingdom of God visible, defining the horizon of our educational action.

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We accompany young people when choosing their life plan

The belief today that we have in young people leads us to be present in high schools and university residences, to journey with them in other spaces and in interaction with other institutions and groups, to introduce them to projects of social and ecclesial commitment and to offer them meaningful proposals.

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We believe in justice transforming us into brothers and sisters

Committed to a culture that seeks social transformation according to Gospel values, we work in education and development cooperation, in defense of justice, human rights and gender equality.

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Our foundress: Jeanne of Lestonnac

Heir to a humanistic culture through her mother’s line, her uncle Michel de Montaigne, author of the “Essays”, will exert an important influence on her training. A voice that she hears in her youth: “Take care not to let the flame that I have lit in your heart be extinguished” is the experience that will sustain her throughout her life.

The importance of women’s education

The Company of Mary Our Lady is the first female apostolic religious order dedicated to teaching. The dignity of women, attention to their integral needs and their preparation to generate processes of change and social transformation, are priorities within the Company of Mary Our Lady educational project.

The Company of Mary Our Lady in the world. Discover us

Today the Company of Mary Our Lady, present in 28 countries on four continents: Europe, America, Africa and Asia, offers its educational legacy enriched by the passage of time and by its inculturation in different contexts. We are the Company of Mary Our Lady in the world. We are the Company of Mary in the world.