With young people
In their search

Our belief in young people leads us to be present in schools and University Residence Halls, to journey with them in other ways, to propose social commitment projects and to offer them meaningful proposals.

In this moment of life, in which each person lays the foundations of their personal and professional futures, we accompany them in the discernment of their vocation, presenting them Jesus Christ and his gospel as a source of meaning and a path of commitment in the building of the Kingdom.

We live the communal and ecclesial dimension of faith by sharing and working in groups and in articulation, communion and synodality with the local Church and with different congregations and institutions that share the mission of evangelization.

Schools and
University Residences

From our network of Schools and University Residences we offer a training space for university women to contribute to the development of their human and intellectual capacities. Our educational project helps you grow as a person, responding to your vocational interests.

We offer young women the necessary tools for their subsequent employment, preparing them to respond flexibly to the continuous demand for new professional profiles. Our desire is that passing through our schools or college residences be a milestone on the road to their personal autonomy. And, with responsibility and professional competence, they will participate, as global citizens, in the construction of society and the world.

Art, Humanism and
Spirituality (AHS)

AHS is a path of evangelization with and for young people.

In AHS, Humanism and spirituality, are core aspects of the Company of Mary Project. It is combined and articulated with art, an expression of the invisible and a vehicle of universal communication that allows us to dialogue beyond words.

Young people from different countries and cultures can share, through this universal language, their deepest experiences and, as citizens of the world, seek together channels of solidarity and ways to make effective social responsibility and involvement in the care of life and of the planet.

Experiences that give meaning

Our steps are not marked by time, but by meaning. Meaning lights up like a flame the interior of what we do: work, study, reflection … and like a flame it also ignites the desire for “more”. A “more” that goes beyond time, responsibility and “what it touches”, to become free, devoted, and of service …

Experiences of meaning are those that the Company of Mary offers young people through:

International volunteers in the countries in which it is present. Missions in marginalized and rural communities.

So that this breath does not go out and keep the flame burning it also offers: youth groups, Easter experiences, the Spiritual Exercises, and accompaniment experiences in life.

you can be part of this story

If you feel the desire to follow Jesus and you are looking for the way. If you intuit the flow of life and the gospel that is behind everything you are and do. If you dream of a different, diverse, just, inclusive, fraternal world, God may be saying something to your heart.

To follow Jesus in the Company of Mary Our Lady is to make the charism of Jeanne of Lestonnac a reality today in community and at the service of the Church.

And if possible, why not make it happen?
And if it’s possible, why don’t you make it happen?

If possible, make it happen.

If you need information or want to make a comment.
If you want to collaborate with us by contributing your time and skills.

Health, care of life

In hospitals and health centers, comprehensive care of the person is sought, through the prevention of diseases, care for life, monitoring of health or illness …