Company of Mary Evangelization Model Unitas Unitas, a name to express that in our Christian identity, we journey together with others to make this world a more just place by being builders of universal brother/sisterhood. We build, With meaning, With you Download The Unitas Evangelization Model considers once again and explicitly expresses how the Company of Mary lives, shares and celebrates the Good News of Jesus in its particular manner at this point in time, with the commitment to build the Kingdom of God on earth. We build
With meaning
With you
Our evangelizing program We build It offers experiences that promote an inner knowledge of the Lord and a contemplative look at reality in order to seek and find God in all things.

It promotes the experience of God - caring for the flame of one’s faith - in each person, communicating it and celebrating it in community, because faith grows when it is shared.

It guides and accompanies each person on the path of self-knowledge in order to discover the will of God in daily life and to embrace it with joy.

Mary is the companion on the journey, as a point of reference and model for following Jesus.
A particular manner of announcing the Good News With meaning We announce and share from our own experience, aware of being sent to offer what we have gratuitously received.

As a community of people who care, caregivers like Jesus, we accompany each person with respect, acceptance, freedom...aware of being Church and mediation to continue building the Kingdom together with others.

We use iconography that faithfully expresses our identity, creates a sense of body and, with a variety of expressions, makes the message of Jesus comprehensible.
The environment evangelizes With you With the effort and passion of the educational communities, Unitas unfolds and develops. It generates a vocational culture in which each person can embrace their life as a gift, reflect on the meaning of their existence and discover God’s plan for them and their unique way of loving and serving. We build.
With meaning.
With you.
To Evangelize by Educating and to Educate by Evangelizing is the very purpose of the Company of Mary Educational Centers.