Company of Mary Our Lady Universal Pedagogical Model Signa Signa, as its etymological meaning indicates, continues to sign the commitment to educate with its particular identity in service to the Church and the world, according to Jeanne de Lestonnac’s wish. We create. With meaning. With you. Download We create.
With meaning.
With you.
Signa is the Company of Mary´s universal pedagogical model. It is a model that learns from the past and develops the present with an eye on the future. Signa is committed to personalized continuous improvement. It is education centered on the student and his/her learning.Signa is a common project. It is an ongoing relationship and sharing with families.
We believe and créate in Company We create We maintain our own particular style that identifies us in the world. It is a seal that unites us and drives us to do better each day: it is a commitment to people and education. It is the legacy of Jeanne de Lestonnac. Beginning in 1607 We educate in the present to respond with a guarantee for the future. We believe that our schools should be places of learning for life. Christian human values underpin our educational style. We accompany people so that they are prepared for a global world in continuous flux. We assist in the formation of active, responsible, competent, free and socially just citizens with the tools to contribute to the improvement of their environment and society. Here and now For an open future The student as the focal point With meaning Since each person is unique, we offer a personalized educational project. The student is the protagonist of his/her own learning. The educational process adapts to the student’s needs, strengths and aspirations to help the student develop his/her potential. The educator: mediator, guide and companion With meaning The educator is a competent professional, a model of the principles and values she/he wishes to impart. The educator empowers the student, respecting their learning style and familiar with their needs collaborates in their integral formation. The family, principal agent of the education of its children With meaning The family is actively involved in the educational process. In a spirit of co-responsibility it participates in school life and establishes open and respectful relationships which promote family-school collaboration. Our classrooms are open to the world With meaning They are dynamic and constructive workplaces where dialog and critical thinking are promoted. Classrooms are spaces where students learn from inclusiveness, cooperation, play, exchange, debate. A Project in collaboration with others-networking With you Signa is the result of the exchange and networking of the Company of Mary educational communities around the world. You can be part of this network together with educators, students and families from four continents.