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Es preciso que, nosotras mismas, con nuestras manos, levantemos un nuevo templo al Señor para que allí sea adorado y servido de una manera nueva y con un nuevo fervor
J. de Lestonnac

Private Concert by MIDORI in Temecula

19/05/2018 | Provincia del Pacífico |

MIDORI, the world renown violinist, recently performed a private benefit concert to raise funds for the construction of Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac HIGH SCHOOL in Temecula. 

The concert took place at the home of a former Saint Jeanne school, Tustin alumnus family; most of the participants were also alumni families from the Tustin school. Years back these families helped raise funds to build the sister school in Temecula. So, once again, they were given the opportunity to help complete the mission as the Saint Jeanne Temecula school expands into the high school years. The first group of freshmen and sophomores will begin classes this coming August.  

The Midori concert is one among many capital campaign events taking place to help finance a new building that will eventually hold 500 high school students. Our sincere thanks to MIDORI for this special performance in a beautiful intimate setting; our gratitude to those who attended the evening and the team that put the evening together.