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Mirándose unos a otros, crecerán en devoción y alabarán a Dios Nuestro Señor, a quien cada uno debe esforzarse por reconocer en el otro que es su imagen
I. de Loyola

Company of Mary International Network of Schools

25/03/2018 | Delegación territorial de Inglaterra |

Since 2010 the school of the Company of Mary Our Lady in Buenos Aires, Argentina has participated in a student exchange programme called Jumelage (it means ¨twinning¨). In Paris, the Argentinian students stayed at the homes of Fénelon Sainte-Marie School´s students.  During their visit in France they seized the opportunity to travel to Bordeaux for 3 days to visit Saint Jeanne’s birthplace and the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

In January 2012 the trip included visiting England for 8 days. In London the students attended classes at Frances King School of English in the morning, and during the afternoon they went sightseeing. They also went to Stratford-Upon Avon, Oxford and Liverpool.

In January 2017 their first activity in England was to visit Notre Dame School. Teachers and students were able to share several activities, experiencing a different culture and institutional organization. And, God willing, they will be visiting it again in 2019.