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Las abejas extraen el jugo de diversas flores y luego elaboran la miel, que es producto suyo, y no tomillo ni mejorana: así las nociones tomadas a otro, las transformará y modificará para con ellas ejecutar una obra que le pertenezca, formando de este
M. de Montaigne

AHS California

06/10/2017 | Provincia del Pacífico |

Art, Humanism and Spirituality, California Fellowship met at the Saint Joseph Community in Los Angeles on September 16. The meeting centered on the sharing of Alejandra Luna and Eveline López's experience at the AHS international encounter in Europe.

They expressed beautifully what it meant to encounter the lives of Saint Ignatius and Saint Jeanne in both Loyola and Bordeaux and its impact on their lives. They highlighted the gift of journeying with many others from different parts of the world and encountering many sisters who accompanied them throughout.

One of the fruits of their experience is the desire to start another AHS group in Orange County, a region south of Los Angeles.