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Los medios que unen el instrumento con Dios y lo disponen a dejarse conducir por la mano divina, son más eficaces que aquellos que lo disponen con los hombres
I. de Loyola

East Wind: West Wind

18/05/2017 | Delegación territorial de Inglaterra |

A novel by Pearl S. Buck published in 1930, focused on women, and the changes that they undergo. We are experiencing something like this moving and evocative story, and tying together two cultures or more, but it seems that we have the same motives.  Since last year, we have been sharing the accompaniment of some Sisters (Xujing, Thao and Linh) who had been admitted to the Third Probation with a warm welcome.

“Go out to seek hearts” (Pope Francis): When we go out of our comfort zone, -and we see how as Sisters we take care of each other- we are all grateful to God allowing us to face changes that challenge both our cultural traditions and our living identities. We are finding the joy, love and friendship that require union of hearts (Art XIII, 1).

Living in a society in which the Catholic faith is a minority, it’s really touching that people are still con-verted to the Catholic faith being witnesses of Jesus Christ. We lend a helping hand to different people who are living around us and we are adjusting well. As St Jeanne de Lestonnac said: “Would that I had been given a thousand lives to offer to God. Would that I had been given the power to go throughout the whole universe… for the love of Jesus” (HO I (2012), p.387).

We are the women who embraced the World!