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Company of Mary Day

08/09/2016 | Provincia del Pacífico |

On Monday, August 22, the faculties of the Company of Mary schools in southern California met in the city of Tustin for the annual Company of Mary Day. Traditionally faculties gather for one day in the week prior to the beginning of the new school year. The day began with the celebration of the Eucharist followed by an excellent presentation by Father Jack Barker on the values and virtues underpinning the ministry of the educator.

In the afternoon, faculties were introduced to the song that will be used with the children to promote this year’s theme of “joy.” Teachers were then divided according to grade level to discuss and plan how classes will reinforce the year’s theme each month. Teachers were also asked to share ideas and materials for one curricular lesson with their colleagues. The day ended with a prayer service during which each teacher was commissioned.