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  • Tuesday, April 07, 2020
  • St. John Baptist de la Salle

International solidarity foundation

What Do We Do


The Company of Mary International Solidarity Foundation,
FISC, is a Company of Mary NGO committed to education and collaboration for social development which prioritizes human rights, gender equality. It empowers individuals and groups with skills for creating a more just and participative society that promotes peace and freedom.

It began as the International Solidarity Fund in 1976 and was registered as a foundation in 1995. During these past 30 plus years it has responded to social conditions in these two aspects:

  • Consciousness raising and education for solidarity and justice
  • Financial assistance to projects in developing countries and in social contexts of marginalization and exclusion.

At this present moment it has Delegations in Spain: Cataluña, Cantabria, Aragon, the Basque country, La Rioja, Madrid, Navarra, Castilla-León, Galicia, Andalucia, Extremadura y Castilla-La Mancha; in Colombia: Bogota and Administrative offices in Nicaragua and Africa.

FISC is an opportunity where one can give and receive; it is the weaving of hopes, relationships, generosity and professionalism making it possible for the most needy to have greater signs of life and hope. Through concrete actions, it nurtures the dreams of making our world more just and human.