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  • Tuesday, April 07, 2020
  • St. John Baptist de la Salle

Justice and Solidarity

Our Mission

I know that the greatest and principle difficulty of human sciences is the right direction and education of children.
M. de Montaigne

In this world marked by strong social breeches and by inhumane life conditions for many of our brothers and sisters, the educational task becomes a special opportunity to form young people in critical thinking and creativity, helping them to understand and interpret these situations and to commit themselves to the transformation of society. It is an opportunity to form persons with a social and planetary awareness who integrate into their personal life goals the search for the common good and the service and defense of the rights of individuals and of peoples.

From the different contexts, places and venues, we work with others to create these opportunities for a deeper sense of humanity, and that respond as far as possible to the challenges of the new forms of poverty. Jesus of Nazareth and the Kingdom he proposes, as well as the witness of so many people who dedicate their lives to this endeavor is the motivation for this commitment