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  • Tuesday, April 07, 2020
  • St. John Baptist de la Salle


Our Mission

Place your trust in God and in Our Lady’s favor.


Daily life, the day in and day out in which we live, in which we interact with the reality closest to us and with the wider context, is the place we experience our likes and our conflicts. It is the place in which we are shaping our way of being, doing, and relating. All of this is a venture and a life goal.

Being a young person today in a world threatened by multiple factors and also filled with many possibilities is an awesome challenge. Journeying with others is a vital necessity.

In the “COMPANY” of one another we look for ways to create a life-project/goals that are meaningful. Whatever our situation and circumstances it is possible to find a path that leads us to being better persons and to give of ourselves in the best way possible.
We know that personal growth is the fruit of education and formation. It is also a personal decision. In order for this to take place we need a positive environment; creating it is everyone’s responsibility.

We take advantage of such groups as: Lestonnac Groups, New Dawn, volunteer projects and many other places for reflection, interiorization and prayer. All of these open our hearts to God that we may find within our reality that LOVING PRESENCE that gives life to our BEING.

Art, Humanism, and Spirituality” is a process of evangelization for and together with young people. It is a Company of Mary program in which many of us take part.