The Company of Mary Our Lady


Barcelona, 1st House in Spain

In 1650 the Order began its journey in Spain. Barcelona will be the first house. Recognized by the people as “The Teaching Order”, the educational work will continue to grow in many places with this name.


Mexico, 1st House in the Americas

In 1754 the first house in the Americas was founded in Mexico. The Company of Mary marks a milestone in the history of education and pedagogy in Latin America. The first school is opened, and at the same time, the nuns establish a school for indigenous girls.


Mulo, 1stHouse in Africa

The first five missionaries arrive on the African continent, at Mulo, on October 10, 1948. After four months, the first school opens, attended by many students.


Tokyo, 1st House in Asia

Two nuns arrived in Tokyo in 1959, and began to study Japanese. The following year they opened the first house and soon six other nuns joined. Despite the difficulty of the language they began to teach language classes, cooking and handicrafts.



The Company of Mary continues to open new presences where comprehensive education continues to be a challenge.

We educate people, we transform the world

The Christian vision of the person, of life and of the world, the humanistic influence of Michel de Montaigne and the desire to collaborate in the construction of a more just and inclusive society, which makes the Kingdom of God visible, defining the horizon of our educational action.